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CHLOE TURNER - Original Character Playlist

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If Sam's playlist is being bundled up on your windowsill, looking out at the snowy world, feeling lonely and cold, Chloe's is waking up early in the morning when it's raining, making yourself a cup of tea, and sleepily watching the rain fall on the flowers in your garden. Then the clouds part and the sun comes out and you go out into the world and marvel at her beauty. The playlist moves like that - starting somewhat sleepy and quiet, then moving into something delicate and bright. This is music that feels like Chloe - like her very essence - and also music that I think she would listen to as she sits at her pottery wheel. 

1. "Perth" - Bon Iver

  • Bon Iver is all over these playlists - there's something so soft and evocative about his music that I think works for our more quietly sensitive characters (versus Caleb, a blustery sensitive character).

2. "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" - The Cary Brothers

3. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver

4. "Say Hello" - Rose Thomas

  • This is such a sweet song that really paints a picture for the listener. Chloe moves through her life like this - noticing people at train stations, wanting to talk to them, but instead settling for listening in on their thoughts.

  • The male voice in this song is Sufjan Stevens, who sings the following song as well.

  • I also just really love that little piece of talking at the end - it is almost aggressively friendly.

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

5. "Chicago" - Sufjan Stevens

  • Stevens' music is lush and theatrical - there is a lot going on but all the pieces work together in harmony. That's how imagine Chloe's telepathy feels when it is functioning at its best.

6. "Breathe (2AM)" - Anna Nalick

  • I know this song was horribly overplayed when it was on the radio but, c'mon, it's a great song.

7. "Gentleman" - Daniela Andrade

  • There is nothing urgent about this song - it is simple observation, ambling contemplation. Chloe isn't a demanding indivual - she is content to sit and absorb and be part of the universe as it moves around her.

8. "Between Two Lungs" - Florence + the Machine

  • Florence perfectly encaspulates the deeper, more combative nature of Chloe. Florence Welch is ethereal but powerful - this is one of her softer songs, but it speaks to the capacity for strength that lies within Chloe.

9. "On the Radio" - Regina Spektor

  • These lyrics are all Chloe - a little quirky, but endlesslessly good-hearted and optimistic about love for all people.

  • No, this is how it works/you peer inside yourself/you take the things you like/and try to love the things you took/and then you take that love you made/and you stick it into some/someone else's heart/pumping someone else's blood.

10. "No One Else" - Breanne Düren

11. "Sympathetic Vibrations" - The Paper Raincoat*

  • I get so mesmerized/that I forget to breathe sometimes

  • Everything about this song is how Chloe sees the world - glowing, exciting, full of possibilities. The very term "sympathetic vibrations" is perfect for how Chloe feels connected to everyone around her, telepathy or no.

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