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DAMIEN & WADSWORTH - Ship Playlist

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In terms of choices, this whole playlist is a mix of both Damien and Wadsworth’s individual playlist styles; songs that are heavily electronic, lithe, seductive. Wadsworth is the dominant voice on this mix, as she is in their relationship. The songs each definitely lean to one perspective more than another, as the songs in all two character playlists do. 

1. “Desperado” - Rihanna

  • This is a Wadsworth song. Rihanna is incredibly sexy and this song is incredibly sexy. It also feels just a little dangerous and that’s what I was going for with this playlist - dangerous seduction. Wadsworth and Damien have an almost flirtatious relationship, where the attraction is based entirely in the power struggle, creating a sense of danger.

  • And you ain’t leavin’ me behind/I know you won’t ‘cause we share common interests/you need me there ain’t no leaving me behind

2. “Real Life” - The Weeknd

  • This is one of my favorite openings of any album in recent years. It is so direct and driving and this whole track has such an incredible sweeping vibe to it. It fits in so well with Damien’s whole aesthetic.

  • Mama called me destructive/said it’d ruin me one day

3. “Never Enough” - Noisettes

  • There’s two Noisettes tracks on here, which I don’t often do for playlists. But they are a band that just feels so much like Wadsworth to me. So much of their music is more upbeat and laid-back, but they have a few numbers that are edgier and darker.

  • Just when I think it’s done/nowhere left to run/it always brings me back again/another sleepless night, another hopeless fight/I guess nobody wins again

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

4. “Bodies” - Cee Lo Green

  • This is both of them. This song is almost unbearably sexy, especially considering it sort of feels like it’s about murdering someone? It’s a euphemism for sex, to be sure, but there is something really dark lurking around the edges of this song. It feels like high rise apartments with views of the city, expensive scotch, going home with a stranger, finding your way in the dark and...maybe not waking up the next morning. I'm a little worried about Cee Lo.

  • All of these lyrics are amazing and, again, nice and murder-y but my favorite is I can kill it with kindness or murder it

  • This track is sort of NSFW? There’s lots of moaning towards the end that is genuinely pretty graphic.

5. “Castle” - Halsey

  • A Wadsworth song of course. She makes every new environment her castle and Damien is kind of here for it.

6. “Misery Business” - Paramore

  • This song is actually on another Damien playlist (ooh, and I can tell you now! It's on the playlist I've made for his book), but I wanted to put it here as well. It just feels so much like him.

  • She’s got it out for me/I wear the biggest smile/Whoa, well I never meant to brag/But I’ve gotten what I wanted now

7. “Monster” - Lady Gaga

  • Pretty self-explanatory. Works for both of them. Also just a really amazing song.

8. “I’m So Sorry” - Imagine Dragons

  • I love how sarcastic this song sounds. I don’t think this guy is actually all that sorry.

  • You’ll never love ‘till you’ve made your own/you gotta face up, you gotta get yours/you never know the top ‘till you get too low

9. “Get Over It” - OK Go

  • Another track that sounds bitingly sarcastic. The level of snark between Wadsworth and Damien is very high. This song definitely falls more into the Damien camp though, I think.

  • Oh it’s such a drag/what a chore/oh your wounds are full of salt/everything’s a stress/and what’s more/well it’s all somebody’s fault - oof, that last part is just so very Damien.

10. “Saturday Night” - Noisettes*

  • Ughhhh this song is SO Wadsworth and it’s perfect and I love it. You can just hear the satisfied smile of, “Oh, I’ve got you now. This is going to be fun”

  • Now I don’t know what went wrong/Thought you would get away with it/now the band is playing your swan song/And you shall know the wrath of it/You could have said it to my face/Any time or any place/I’ll light you up and smoke you down/And watch your walls come tumbling down - I mean, this whole song is just exactly them.

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