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FOR ADAM - In Universe Playlist

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[Briggon Snow: This mix was definitely made by someone in love. Caleb at this point is using music to communicate with Adam. I pictured Caleb working on this for a whole weekend…carefully choosing the right songs to not only impress Adam with his music taste, but send the right message he wanted to send. Emotional communication is a huge hurdle for the male brain - it’s just the reality - and despite being an empath, Caleb struggles with communicating his feelings with those the feelings are directed towards. Adam speaks with music, and this was Caleb’s way of saying “I got your message…here’s my response, you handsome goof!”]

[Lauren Shippen: While I was not at all involved in making this mix, both Briggon and I agreed that Caleb would have given it to Adam with no note or explanation. Hence, these annotations are just Briggon's own notes about why he chose songs, with no in-character notes]

1. "We Move Like the Ocean" - Bad Suns

  • [BS: Lauren’s writing, specifically the metaphors she has come up with to describe the sort of flavors of emotions, immediately made me think of this song. Not only does this song by Bad Suns have that “teen-dude” quality to it…but the ocean is something that Caleb has expressed as a way to describe his feelings for/with Adam.]

  • [LS: I swear I'll shut up soon, because this is not my mix, but I just want to say that I had never heard this song before. When Briggon sent me the playlist and this came on, I nearly fell off my chair. This song is just so effin' perfect, especially the chorus of We move like the ocean/and I can't swim]

2. "Jinx" - DNCE

  • [BS: This DNCE song is about being cautious with something that is SO GOOD. I get it. I’ve felt it. This was Caleb’s way of saying that he has feelings for Adam…but he doesn’t want to admit it too easily/quickly, for fear of it all going to shit. Life lately hasn’t been easy for him…and he doesn’t want to mess up this good thing.]

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

3. "Clocks Go Forward" - James Bay

  • [BS: Probably one of my favorite songs of the last year, and one that I felt conveyed Caleb’s finding solace in Adam amongst a lot of challenges in his life with his ability.  The self-imposed isolation became a beautiful positive as he buried himself in Adam…hoping to get through to sturdier ground after the “clocks go forward”. Also…the song is sexy…and Caleb feels it. This was definitely a “wink” as well.]

4. "Where You Go" - The Young Romans

  • [BS: It’s upbeat and light and full optimism. The song is about being with someone who no matter what makes everything good. No matter what happens, as long as Caleb has Adam right next to him…it’s all going to be okay.]

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

5. "Bloom" - The Paper Kites

  • [BS: This song has always hit me with that feeling of being hypnotized by the one you love. Out of all of the songs on this mix, this was the most vulnerable and eagerly honest. Caleb just wants to be near Adam…and when they’re not together…he’s thinking about him and being filled up by that. Adam has him daydreaming for the first time in forever.]

6. "Satellites" - Guster

  •  [BS: “Keep Me Green”, “He anchors me”…Adam is Caleb’s satellite. Caleb is telling Adam in this song that he’s basically his North Star…his direction…his balance in a very shaky world and life.]

7. "Dreaming" - Smallpools

  • [BS: This is just a song that evokes youthful, boyish “We’re having fun, we’re coming at you world, Fuck off if you’re not on our level” vibes. I just pictured this as a soundtrack to a montage of Caleb and Adam living it up together on the weekends. This is their fun.]

8. "Little Hell" - City and Colour

  • [BS:  This song is a heavy and special one for me personally. I have said before that I relate a lot to Caleb with the anger he deals with and how that has affected his relationships with other people. This song was Caleb telling Adam that he’s not easy…he has big struggles…and that he’s sorry for that…but he hopes Adam will be there for him.]

9. "Kid in Love" - Shawn Mendes

  • [BS: This is an admission. At this point Caleb had never said those three big words to Adam, and this was Caleb’s way of dropping that fact. It’s a lot easier to tell Adam this through music first.]

10. "Living Louder" - The Cab

  • [BS: This is hope, youth, love, happiness, exhilaration…everything that is beautiful about being young and in love. This is Caleb telling Adam that they may be strange, but fuck it, being strange and bold is awesome. They’re awesome. They’re doing awesome things. Take note, World.]

11. "Meaning" - Gavin DeGraw

  • [BS: Gavin DeGraw defined my musical pallet in high school, and in my mind Caleb’s inner musical monologue vibes with Gavin’s music. “Meaning” to me represents Caleb’s motivations in everything he does to his core. Caleb loves…his love and thought of others defines him…this is just Caleb conveying that to Adam. Plus…it’s just a chill song.]

12. "Young Forever (Acoustic)" - The Ready Set

  • [BS: “Young Forever”. This is Caleb telling Adam: We’ve got our music…we’ve got each other…we’ve got this. Hit it.]

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