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FOR CALEB, x ADAM - In Universe Playlist

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[LS: This mix was built before the football game mix - I knew Adam expressed affection through playlists and so began with the sappiest stuff and worked backwards to the pre-romance stage. This personality quirk is 100% inherited from me - the greatest high school flirtation I participated in involved absolutely no actual flirting, and instead consisted of trading CDs back and forth. This was pre-Spotify, so me and this person would meet at the corner by our town deli and do massive swaps of burned CDs. To this day, "Southtown Girls" by The Hold Steady brings a nostalgic smile to my face.] 

  • Notes from Adam, in character

  • [LS: author notes from Lauren Shippen]

  • Selected lyrics

1. "Shut Your Eyes" - Snow Patrol

  • Now, before you make fun of me for putting Snow Patrol on here, listen to this and actually do what the lyrics are telling you to do. Trust me, it's fun. 

  • [LS: Adam has zero chill. This is such a romantic song to start off with, IMO.]

2. "Golden Train" - Justin Nozuka

  • Is it obvious that I need a vacation?

  • [LS: I do think it's telling that the first two songs are essentially about running away with someone.]

3. "On Your Porch" - The Format

  • I know how much you like fun., but Nate Ruess has been churning out incredible stuff forever. Pretty sure I first heard this song in "Veronica Mars", which I s2g, you will watch someday. 

  • [LS: I think this is one of the greatest songs that Ruess has ever written. It's pretty sad but ultimately hopeful, which is definitely where Adam is at this moment in his life. Also, this song was featured in VMars, a show everyone should watch, but that's not where I first heard it. This album was already on repeat in our house.]

4. "Be Mine" - Ellie Goulding and Erik Hassle

  • If you haven't heard the original by Robyn, it's great. Obviously, because Robyn is amazing. But, idk, I really like this version a lot. 

  • [LS: Of course you like this version more Adam, you great emo sap. This cover almost hides how sad the lyrics are.]

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

5. "Warmer Climate" - Snow Patrol

  • Shut up, Snow Patrol is great and this is a very under-appreciated song. 

  • [LS: Adam's right - Snow Patrol is great and basically no one knows this song because it wasn't widely released, which is a real shame.]

  • Edison would spin in his grave/to ever see the light that you gave

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

6. "The Guy That Says Goodbye to You is Out of His Mind" - Griffin House

  • Just...don't make it a thing. I just like this song, okay?

  • [LS: Yeah, this is the most overtly romantic song on this mix. I'm sort of embarrassed it's on here. This was still pretty early on in their relationship and this song is just...really fucking cute. I'm sure neither of them every acknowledged it.]

7. "Like Real People Do" - Hozier

  • Remind me to send you this whole album - it's great. 

  • [LS: I'm not gonna front with you guys - this is 100% a make-out song.]

8. "Rob Me Blind" - Jay Brannan

  • Another artist you need to get into! His shows are really fun - we should try and catch one next time he's here.

  • [LS: If in-universe mixes had keystone songs, this would be it - this would be the keystone song for their whole relationship. It's sad, hopeful, self-deprecating, and loving. Not to mention, by one of Adam's favorite artists. There are actually a bunch of lyrics I want to pull out and highlight, so buckle in.]

  • you and me we spark/no, I take that back/like a dancer in the dark/my beauty it's black - [LS: Adam seeing his own appeal as this dark, spinning thing makes so much sense to me]

  • come on and steal a kiss/rob me blind [LS: that's just really good wordplay, which is a thing Adam is into]

  • you don't need another player/gambling for your charms [LS: Adam is constantly concerned that he's not good enough for the golden boy - that there are many other students who would love to be with Caleb who Caleb might like better given the chance]

  • "simple boys make better boyfriends"/that just isn't true [LS: I mean, come on, do you guys see what I mean? This song is perfect]

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