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JOAN & WADSWORTH - Ship Playlist

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This is a playlist that took a long time to build because Wadsworth and Joan’s relationship is incredibly complex and has changed so much throughout the years. It began as admiration, grew to a close friendship based on mutual respect and shared ambition, and then was revealed to have been an incredible manipulative relationship full of lies and betrayal. The first song I put on here was “I Want You Back” by Noisettes (the keystone song of this playlist), which was quickly followed by “Heartless”, the Kanye West song as covered by The Fray. But then the playlist sat untouched for months. It happens like that sometimes — some playlists come together slowly but steadily, others have one or two songs and then months go by and I come back to it and build the rest in an hour. This was the latter. Once I realized the aesthetic I wanted, it was easy — this is my “women who could kill me in cold blood” playlist. 

1. “House on Fire” - Sia

  • Sia has such a raw power in her voice that I feel matches both Wadsworth and Joan extremely well. 

  • I’m going up in flames/and you’re to blame

2. “Heartless” - The Fray (originally by Kanye West) 

  • I like how emo The Fray makes this song - there’s so much good emotion there already and The Fray really brings the energy down to make quite a jam. This is definitely a Joan perspective song. 

  • How could you be so Dr. Evil, you bringing out a side of me that I don’t know

3. “Psychobabble” - Frou Frou

  • There’s something about this song that makes it feel like there’s a dangerous person inside your house that you don’t know about. It’s slow and steady and creeping — suggesting something lurking just around the corner that you can’t quite see. This is definitely also from the perspective of Joan — her realizing just how unbalanced and manipulative her relationship with Wadsworth was.

  • If love is surrender/then whose war is it anyway? — Wadsworth sees everything as a transaction, a fight that can be won or lost. Only after she learns the truth does Joan realize she’s lost the war she didn’t even know she was fighting.

  • If you think that it’s so damn easy/what do you need me for/Just look at the state of you/Babe, snap out of it/you’re not listening to this/And just for once/could you let me finish a sentence? — Joan is so sick of Wadsworth demanding she needs her to work with her despite never making an attempt to make their relationship equal.

  • If you know what’s good for me/why would I be leaving you? - Wadsworth always thinks she knows best - knows Joan better than she knows herself - but once Joan finds out about Mark, she snaps herself out of her reverence for Wadsworth and leaves. 

4. “Girl With One Eye” - Florence + the Machine

  • I just really like how creepy and menacing this song is. Wadsworth is absolutely the person that’s going to cut you open, tell you it’s all going to be fine, and then smile when you’re bleeding out. 

5. “Buried Under” - Connie Britton 

  • This is a song from the TV show “Nashville”, a show that I love that essentially no one else watches. It doesn’t fit perfectly with the musical tone of the playlist, but I just love the lyrics. 

  • I wish I didn’t have to see/a confidant as an enemy — this is total Wadsworth; seeing anyone she’s vulnerable with as a potential problem

  • The entire chorus is perfect for the Wadsworth-Bright relationship, but I especially love The dirt I have on you is the ground I’m buried under

6. “Teeth” - Lady Gaga

  • These lyrics are a bit nonsense, but I love the groove of this song so much 

  • Don’t be scared/I’ve done this before/show me your teeth - if that’s not a Wadsworth lyric, I don’t know what is

7. “That’s Not My Name” - The Ting Tings

  • I mean…this is just perfect for Wadsworth given her whole name thing. 

8. “Come Alive (War of the Roses)” - Janelle Monae 

  • Had to have some Monae on here. The frenetic energy of this is so intoxicating. 

9. “I Want You Back” - Noisettes* 

  • This is definitely a Wadsworth perspective song - the lyrics, the aesthetic…everything is perfect for her view on her relationship with Joan. 

  • Resistance is futile/Now baby don’t hold back/You'll only have yourself to blame when you let everything go bad - it is not in Wadsworth’s nature to take responsibility 

  • NOTE: This song is not on Spotify - I recommend building your own playlist in your music app of choice!

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