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When I began writing The Bright Sessions, I created playlists for each of the characters. They were one of the tools I used to develop each character and, once I had my cast of actors, I shared these playlists with them. There are a couple of categories for my TBS playlists. The following are the three buckets these playlists fall into and my original notes about these playlist groups:


Each playlist is a combination of a few things: music that I think the character would listen to, music that fits the overall aesthetic of the character, and music that lyrically fits into the character's emotional life. Below, you'll find some of my thoughts and reasonings on certain songs and the overall structure and inspiration for each playlist. 

Keystone Songs*: each playlist has a song that was the linchpin for the whole playlist - either a song upon which the entire mix was built, the final piece of the puzzle that brought the whole thing together, or a song that relates particularly strongly with a character. These songs will be marked with an asterisk (*). 

Selected lyrics: words in italics indicate lyrics from that song that I find particularly relevant. 


These playlists are not inspired by the characters or used as a writing device - instead they have been made by the characters within the universe of the podcast. As such, these annotations are going to contain notes from the character themselves as well as the author of the playlist. 

Selected lyrics: words in italics indicate lyrics from that song that are particularly relevant. 

Author notes: All annotations in [brackets] indicate notes from the creator of the playlist. Either me [LS], Briggon Snow who plays Caleb [BS], or Julia Morizawa who plays Dr. Bright [JM]. 


I am clearly incapable of not making playlists. At PatreCon (the Patreon conference), we were talking about how to do creative, fun stuff for our supporters. A few months earlier, someone on tumblr had asked us what the characters' favorite holidays were and it got me thinking about how Adam would absolutely have a Halloween playlist. Then that got me thinking about how Caleb would have a Christmas playlist, etc., etc. and it seemed like a fun way to get each character to make their own playlist. So that's what this is. 

These playlists are technically "in universe" but will not include annotations by me or any of the actors about why certain songs were chosen. Instead all of these annotations are by the characters themselves.

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